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The founders and directors, Dr. Haakon Smith and Dr. Martha Smith, both hold doctorates in music education on the university level from Columbia University, Teachers College. During their studies they were trained to develop curriculum on the college and university level as well as programs for secondary and primary education, which have extended to their current work. Oslo Music Academy and other programs for music education have been a result of their training.


Meet the Directors

Martha and Haakon Smith


Dr. Haakon Smith is also a concert pianist as well as an educator. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in music from St. Olaf College, Minnesota and a Master of Arts, Master of Education and Doctor of Education in the College Teaching of an Applied Subject, all from Columbia University. He has concertized in the United States and in Europe and is the founding director of Oslo Music Academy. Haakon Smith has also served as an organist in many venues.

American soprano, Dr. Martha Smith has been active as a classical singer in opera and concert and as a college and university professor in music. Martha is also the author of books, plays, opera designs, musicals and musical dramas (as composer and author). She received a doctorate in music education on the university level from Columbia University, has studied in the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and was awarded entrance to Outstanding Young Women of America.

The Smiths are also directors of International Voice of Justice-Europe, an NGO promoting Holocaust education through music and the arts. The directors have produced Holocaust-related opera, theater, and memorial concerts in many nations of Europe. The productions have been met with enthusiastic response from both the public and press.

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