International Classical Arts Network

ICANET, International Classical Arts Network, is a cultural organization established to foster performance in music and the arts for talented individuals, not yet recognized for their skills. It will also serve to produce cultural events, concerts, opera and art exhibitions. Music and arts education will be promoted in regions where there is no opportunity for people to experience cultural enhancement. The arts: music, theater, dance, fine arts, such as painting, sculpture and photography, are an important means of enriching the lives of people around the world.

What We Do

Established in 2019, ICANET will be currently serving programs already established in Liberia, as well as launching projects in Bulgaria and Czech Republic. Part of our current goals for which we are seeking funding will be music festivals, music and the arts in areas outside of major cities, and music education programs where instruction has been previously unavailable.

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International Classical Arts Network
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International Classical Arts Network – ICANET was founded in 2019. In addition to producing cultural events to foster performance in music and the arts, we will promote music and the arts in regions where cultural resources are limited.


Martha and Haakon Smith


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